This section features logo designs that were used in projects from other sections. 
Glow Bee
Glow Bee a lightbulb manufacturing company that makes lights to help plants grow. For the color scheme, I selected yellow and green as the dominant colors. The color yellow was selected to symbolize electricity, while the color green is represents the healthy growth of plant life.  
As a finishing touch, I created a simple flower graphic that is made of yellow and brown tones to allude the color scheme of a bee. 
La Paloma
La Paloma is an upscale restaurant that specializes in serving pigeon in its cuisine. For the logo design, I selected blue tones that allude to a pigeon’s blue-gray feather color. The color also conveys tranquility and class, which is reflective of the restaurant's regal ambiance.
La Paloma Logo Concept Explorations
Museum of Everyday Things
The Museum of Everyday Things logo was designed to draw people's attention. Thus, I selected a bold red color to help the logo stand out. Also, I used different scales in the type to emphasize the most important aspects of the logo. By using different scales, I made “everyday things” the most prominent aspect of the logo since that the purpose of the museum.
Travelcation is a company that aims to promote certain areas and persuade people to visit them. For the logo’s design, I went with a deep blue and a green-turquoise to allude to the colors of the Earth. By using these colors, I was able to give Travelcation a global impression.
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