This section belongs to my business card and the experimental concepts behind it.
Final Concept
My business card was an opportunity that came with a lot of creative freedom. This freedom allowed me to create my own branding and identity with my own style preferences. I began with developing a flower pattern for the card that reflects my personality and interests in gardening.
After I had developed a pattern, I experimented with various layouts and color schemes. Towards the end of the project, I developed a logo with my own initials because I felt like the card needed something to tie it all up together.
Experimental Concepts
I explored the pattern that I had created in several different color schemes. While I ended up moving forward with the lilac card, the pink and green colors would have captured my fun personality very well.
I also worked with bold complimentary colors in the earlier stages of the design. I really like how strongly the dark blue and the orange contrast against each other. While I enjoyed the bold color choices, I did not move forward with this concept because I wanted my business card to be more gentle in appearance and color.
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