This section is home to a variety of creative projects such as book covers, brochures, booklets, and menu designs.
Pleasanton Green Spaces Booklet
The Pleasanton Green Spaces Booklet is a project that is aimed to showcase public parks and green spaces in the city of Pleasanton. The project consists of a front cover and three interior spreads. All text content and imagery were developed to accompany the booklet as well. 
Switched At Birth Book Cover
The Switch at Birth book cover is for a story about a woman who is at a crossroads in her life after she discovers that she had been switched at birth. The project began by being provided with a logo and a barcode. Afterwards, I developed the imagery, which I had edited to match the match the somber tone of the story.
Museum of Everyday Things Brochure
The brochure design is for an exhibit in the Museum of Everyday Things, a museum for ordinary household objects. The brochure was made to showcase a specific section of the museum that was dedicated to a pair of sandals.
The project consisted of developing all the images and text content. Additionally, the project called for a museum logo and the brochure’s layout. The brochure's layout also required the use of one main color and its incorporation into several of the images through duotone tint. I added this color requirement as a finishing touch, which helped tie the images and the brochure together.
La Paloma Menu
The La Paloma Menu is for an upscale restaurant that serves pigeon. 
I wanted the interior of the menu to be as clean as possible to challenge people's bias towards pigeons. Considering that many people regard pigeons as pests, it was important to present the menu this way so pigeons can appeal to customers.
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